Transportation FAQ

Do you offer transportation?

Yes. Our free summer Bus Service includes Neighborhood Bus routes and Shuttle stops in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. In keeping with zoning agreements with Fairfax County and neighboring communities, all children entering second grade and higher are required to use our free Bus Service. A carpool option is open to campers entering grades K and 1, their siblings riding with them, and all campers attending a weekly camp. Please Note: Bus schedules may be adjusted based on ridership or traffic considerations.


What is the difference between a bus route and a shuttle?

A Bus Route has two or more stops where it picks up and drops off children at designated stops and times.

A Shuttle picks up and drops off children at only one designated location. A Shuttle may have a 15-minute window to allow time for traffic or other delays.

Is there a charge for bus service?

Bus Service is complimentary! There is no additional charge because all campers must use our bus system. EXCEPTION: It is optional for campers entering Kindergarten, and their siblings riding with them. The Potomac School and the Evermay Community are working together to reduce traffic on neighborhood streets and in nearby intersections during peak travel time. The Bus Service helps us reach this common goal.

Do you have bus safety measures regarding COVID-19?

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, campers and drivers will wear masks, buses will have reduced capacity for physical distancing, and windows will be open for ventilation. Click here to read full mitigation details on the Bus Service page.

May I change my bus service on a daily basis?

No. During online registration, families select either a stop on a Neighborhood Route, or select a Shuttle. For safety reasons, that selection will be used each day. You may choose to have your child ride one bus in the morning and a different bus in the afternoon.

If my child is entering kindergarten, may I drop off and/or pick up on campus?

Bus Service is available for campers entering Kindergarten, but parents may choose to drive instead (and their siblings riding with them). The earliest drop-off time is 8:50 am.

Do you have bus service near Metro stations?

Yes. We have Shuttles that pick up and drop off near the Eastern Market Metro, the Union Station Metro, and the McLean Metro.

What if I'm late in the morning?

Please arrive at your designated stop before the bus arrival time. If your camper misses the bus, you may drop your camper off on-campus. We carefully monitor our carpool line because of our imposed traffic restrictions. Failure to comply with our transportation policy may result in dismissal.