Absence Reporting

To report an absence or late arrival, please call or email your child’s specific camp at the appropriate number listed in the Parent Handbook, or in the camp directory below. Please contact your child’s camp by 8:30 am on the day of absence.

When changing drop-off or pick-up times or routines, including changes to authorized pick-up persons for your child, please provide the change in writing. Email is an appropriate form of notice. Changes to dismissal must be received no later than Noon on the day of the change; if the change involves the bus your camper rides, please copy the transportation office on the email as well as the camp director for your child’s camp.

Camp Directory

Year-Round Contacts

Assistant Director, Wendy Smith
Phone: 703-749-6317

Director of Auxiliary Programs, Mimsy Stirn
Phone: 703-883-2252

Nurse, Ellen Grass
Phone: 703-749-6319

Summer Only Contacts

Please note: The following list is for summer contact only as the phones and emails are not monitored until the week before camp begins.

Greg Mueller, Director
Phone: 703-749-6318

Before and After Care Office
Phone: 703-873-5566

Counselor Apprentice
Phone: 703-873-5561

Discovery Camp
Phone: 703-873-5565

Nature Science Camp
Phone: 703-873-5567

Camp Nurse
Phone: 703-749-6319

Panther Day Camp
Phone: 703-873-5564

Transportation Office
Phone: 703-749-6353

Mimsy Stirn, Director of Auxiliary Programs, is available year-round at 703-883-2252 or mstirn@potomacschool.org