Employment Forms

All employment forms (except for your contract and reference forms) will be filled out and submitted through Paycom, Potomac School’s online Human Resource employment portal.   Please read the email that comes with your contract for more information.

Employment Forms

  1. 2021 Staff Application (complete online)
  2. Recommendation Form (For new employees only – submit three)

Once you are hired and return your contract, you will receive an email instructing you how to set-up a Paycom account where you will fill-out the following employment forms: (ALL DUE BY MAY 15)

  1. Upload Photo
  2. IntelliCorps Authorization Form
  3. Fingerprints at Fieldprint location – set up appointment through Paycom portal – needs ID
  4. VA State Police Waiver (SP325 – Fingerprint Authorization Form) (We must have the original!)
  5. Central Registry Form (Needs notarizing which can be done in HR office – with ID)
  6. Direct Deposit Form
  7. Tuberculosis Assessment (screening can be done by the camp nurse during staff orientation)
  8. I-9 Employment Form (to be completed in Human Resources office – needs ID)
  9. Provide certifications if applicable for your position (First Aid, CPR or Lifeguard Cert)

Federal Tax Forms 

  • Federal Withholding W-4 for 2019 (everyone must complete)

State Tax Forms (Fill out for state where you live)

  1. DC Residents D-4
  2. Maryland Residents MW507
  3. Virginia Residents VA-4

Hired employees – May 15 deadline for forms!