2021 Bus Service Included!

In order to meet our traffic reduction commitments to our neighbors and Fairfax County, all campers entering second grade and above who are attending a three-week camp and do not live in our neighboring community must choose a bus route.  A carpool option is open to campers entering grades K and 1, their siblings riding with them, and all campers attending a weekly camp.  Campers who live in our neighboring community may choose to walk or ride a bike to camp.

All other campers are required to register for a bus route. Potomac is proud of our outstanding safety record and the high standard of service provided by our transportation staff. Trained, certified commercial bus drivers conduct an orderly and safe journey for our campers and students.

Please Note: Bus Schedules may be adjusted based on ridership or traffic considerations.

Measures added to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

Bus occupancy will be limited to accommodate physical distancing, and all riders will sit one to a seat (but siblings may sit together).  All seat positions are clearly labeled and staggered to ensure appropriate distancing.


  • All drivers and campers are required to wear face coverings at all times on the bus;
  • Drivers wipe down all high-touch surfaces with approved sanitizing agents after every use;
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted at the front of every bus for passenger use prior to entering and exiting;
  • Every bus interior is treated at the end of each day with an approved, aerosol virucidal agent


  • Windows will generally remain fully or partially opened on all buses while in use (including those equipped with air-conditioning) to allow adequate circulation and airflow